Back in Stock! Early Chris Claremont X-MEN!

Legendary comic writer Chris Claremont will be here in Huntsville, Al for the Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo later this month! We have just received these classic Claremont X-Men issues that would be perfect for signing! X-MEN V1 1963-1981  (UNCANNY) 3.5 #100 $24 X-MEN V1 1963-1981  (UNCANNY) 1ST PHOENIX 7 #101 $96 X-MEN V1 […]


Back In Stock! IRON FIST and Marvel Premiere!

Check out these classic Iron Fist comics, just in time for the upcoming Netflix IRON FIST series! IRON FIST IRON MAN APP. 5.5 #  1 $23 IRON FIST 6 #  2 $12 IRON FIST 6.5 #  2 $15 IRON FIST 7 #  3 $15 IRON FIST 5 #  4 $7.50 IRON FIST 6.5 #  5 […]


This Week’s Special!

How do we follow up the Crash and Dent sale? How about we make the next issue of Walking Dead FREE! (yea it was only going to be a quarter anyway, but FREE is better right?) Celebrating Image’s 25th Anniversary this year Skybound is making it’s 3 titles, The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Outcast only […]


Crash and Dent Sale Story!

We want to thank EVERYONE who came out and make this day bigger than we ever dreamed! We were going to be happy if there were 20 people outside when we opened, but this was the scene at 9:30 am! (you can’t really tell from this pic but the line went all the way to […]

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