Robbie’s Top 5 Comics for 8-19

1. Archie #2 This stylish relaunch of the classic Archie comic has been a delightful addition to the shelves. Mark Waid crafts a hip and witty script that includes spot-on characterization. Fiona Staples provides incredible artwork with perfect pacing and excellent expression. If this direction continues, Archie will be a must-read for years to come! […]

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Forsooth There be Thor!

Back in Stock Thor issues 251- 399! Higher issues of course are in stock, these are just todays re-stocks! THOR V1 1966-1996 6.0 #251 $2.00 THOR V1 1966-1996 5.5 #251 $1.50 THOR V1 1966-1996 9.0 #252 $7.00 THOR V1 1966-1996 5.5 #253 $1.50 THOR V1 1966-1996 7.5 #254 $4.00 THOR V1 1966-1996 7.0 #254 $3.00 […]

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The Client Back in print!

Robbie and I were just discussing this week how we wished they would hurry and get the Black Panther By Christopher Priest back in print. Seems our wish has been granted! If you have never read this series you really need to come in and grab one of these!

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Netrunner SMC tournament today! PLUS! Warhammer! Pokemon! Dragonball Z! Magic The Gathering! Or bring your own game and come play with us! All that AAAANNNDDD Comic Books Galore!

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Robbie’s Top 5 Comics for 7-22

1. Prez #2 This political satire from DC Comics has knocked it out of the park in it’s first two issues! Mark Russell’s incendiary script pokes fun at politics and social media, as well as maintaining a character-driven and touching story. Ben Caldwell’s art, along with colors by Jeremy Lawson, provides capable support in this […]

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