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Every Visitor can pick THREE comics FREEEEE! (from selected stock, while supplies last)
Get THREE more FREEEEE! with any purchase!

Meet some of your favorite Super-Heroes!

This Week’s Special!

How do we follow up the Crash and Dent sale?
How about we make the next issue of Walking Dead FREE!
(yea it was only going to be a quarter anyway, but FREE is better right?)

Celebrating Image’s 25th Anniversary this year Skybound is making it’s 3 titles, The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Outcast only 25¢ this month! But we are going to do one better with The Walking Dead! We are going to give everyone who visits a free copy! (while supplies last, but we ordered a lot so they should last a couple weeks)
We want everyone to try the comic, we love the show, but we love the comic MORE!
This book has a chance for spoilers from the show.

However the show has not followed the comic exactly so there is no guarantee anything other than the general plot will be in the show, and even that is not really for certain.
Also just because someone is not in this comic does not mean they are dead in the comic, there are a lot of characters and not everyone is in every issue.
And just because someone IS in the comic does not mean they will not be killed off in the show. Several characters in the show have been killed in different order or not at all. For example Ricks Daughter Judith was killed at the same time as Lori by the Governor in the comic. (The governor was toned WAY down for TV)

Also available are a couple of variants!

Rick With Lucille Variant $50.00

Rick with Lucille Black & White Variant $150.00

Crash and Dent Sale Story!

We want to thank EVERYONE who came out and make this day bigger than we ever dreamed!
We were going to be happy if there were 20 people outside when we opened, but this was the scene at 9:30 am!

(you can’t really tell from this pic but the line went all the way to Mock road and down it a little bit)
And an even BIGGER thanks for everyone who had to wait in a 40 minute check out line for waiting it out!
We had three registers going but it was A LOT of price editing for us all so it took a little longer than normal with each person. (plus you all know I run my mouth a lot when I am up there- Ed) For Free Comic Day we will have a FOURTH register going and I wish we had gotten it set up for the crash sale as well.
We had a few complaints from people who arrived closer to 10 about our having opened early so I wanted to explain the decision.
There were all these people, and it was pretty cold. With the way the line went down the parking lot I was a little worried about traffic coming into the parking lot and affecting the line. After all, it was an errant car which made this line possible in the first place.
So we opened early.
For those who arrived a bit later we are sorry there was not enough stuff to go around, but with over 1200 items in the sale we never would have thought that.
We had planned on announcing some more board games moving to the clearance section as well but just didn’t have time.
But with these new games going to clearance there WILL be a complete list published, and we WILL be willing to do mail order on them (we turned down many requests to mail out crash and dent sale items prior to the sale). Just keep watching here and our Facebook for those announcements!


This week ALL Graphic Novels are ON SALE for 20% OFF!
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*Excludes clearance items and items already on sale!



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