Want YOUR favorite game on our schedule?
Rules of Conduct!

How to have The DeeP Host Tournaments, Leagues, or just open gaming of YOUR Favorite game!
If you are willing, or know someone who is willing to Champion your game get with Matt and we will find a time for everyone to meet up and play! If there is tournament support available form the publisher let us know and we will make sure they know we are holding the games and get whatever prizes they may offer! You may be required by the publisher to become an official volunteer of the publisher as well as a volunteer of The DeeP. Most publishers offer some kind of rewards, such as promo cards or materials, to their volunteers but we will have to contact them to find out what they do!
The DeeP offers special pricing on related items to the people volunteering to run events!
It doesn’t matter to us if your game is not one we currently stock! If you have people coming to play then we WILL start stocking it!
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Rules of Conduct!
Treat Everyone with respect!
No Smack talking!
Doing these Things will result in a warning possibly disqualified for doing!

No cheating!
Do this WILL get you disqualified from the tournament and possibly banned from tournament play!

No stealing!
Stealing WILL result in being banned form the store and probably arrested!

More to come, I just wanted it to say something.

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