The Best Books You Aren’t Reading! – Baltimore

Do you remember when vampires were scary? Mike Mignola does, and he’s ready to bring the horror back in Dark Horse’s Baltimore series! Mignola and co-writer Christopher Golden craft a supernatural revenge tale that Joe Hill calls “a grim battalion of gothic images and a thunderous barrage of narrative artillery.” The story centers around Lord […]

Robbie’s Hot Comics for June 27th!

Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared #2 – Fans have been begging for these two franchises to crossover for years and IDW does not disappoint. You can hear each characters voice as you’re reading due to the dead-on dialogue. While issue #1 was heavy on the Doctor, the NextGen cast gets a chance to shine in […]

Robbie’s Picks for June 20th!

1. Avengers vs X-Men #6 – Hickman and Coipel deliver the best issue of the series yet! This issue is slow-paced yet still grandiose as the focus shifts to character. Hickman moves the story forward more than any of the other writers so far. Coipel’s art delivers, handling the big moments like the reveal of […]

Robbie’s Hot Comics for June 20th!

Walking Dead #99 – The Walking Dead just keeps getting hotter as we approach issue #100. This week’s issue #99 handles the aftermath of the group’s most recent loss. One of the things that Robert Kirkman does so well with this book is handle grief and the bleakness of life in this post-apocalyptic zombie world. […]

The Best Books You Aren’t Reading! – Saucer Country

The X-Files meets The West Wing each month in Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s Vertigo book Saucer Country. The story centers around Governor Arcadia Alvarado of New Mexico, the victim of a recent alien abduction, as she starts her campaign for the presidency. What could have been a simple plot is instead rich and complex, […]

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