Our staff!

  • Ed (Bubba) Our supreme chancellor!

    Born on a drawing of a Battlefield it is said Ed was bred for comic books!
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  • Lisa!

    Our Wonder(ful) Woman!

  • Robbie!

    Comic Historian By day,
    Slayer by Night!
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  • Keyera

    Keyera once accidentally shot down a helicopter by pointing at it and saying BANG!

  • Tony

    Tony is the only one of us that can actually draw anything other than a blank!
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  • Mike

    After his illustrious wiffle ball career it was only natural for Mike to Come work at The DeeP where he continues to astound fans with his plastic bat skills!

  • Craig

    Someone once said “I quit school, cause they have recess and I don’t play” It wasn’t Craig, he went to school, and he does play, any game any time!
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  • Billy

    Billy is so good with computers he doesn’t NEED the monitor turned on to program one!

  • Matt

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  • Nathan H.

    Our Futuristic combat simulation expert!

  • Will

  • Nathan L.

  • Ryan

  • Nicholas

  • Tommy

  • Liam

  • Currently on Leave but still Family!

    After escaping from an illegal government science lab He now spends his days protecting Humans from high prices!