Always Buying!

We are ALWAYS Buying!
Comics! Toys! Games! And more! Have an item you think we may want? Bring it in we’ll consider it!
Check our “Buying Updates” page for list of  specific items we are searching for!


Current Comics Published 2000 – present!
We will consider most books from this era but how much we will pay is based mostly on our inventory levels. Books must be in NM condition!

Comics Published in the 90’s
The 1990’s saw record numbers of comics being sold, unfortunately that means there are record numbers of back issues available in bulk.
Some key books from the 90’s we actively buy:
New Mutants #98 (First Deadpool)
Amazing Spider-Man #300 (First Venom)
Uncanny X-Men #266 (First Gambit)
There are a few more titles which may garner a non bulk price but for the most part books from the 90’s we only offer 10 cents each for. And there are many companies (such as Malibu) that we will not make offers for anything they published.

Comics from the 80’s
Comics from the 80’s must be NM and are mostly still bulk. It is an era which had good sales on most mainstream titles but not a lot happened.

Comics from the 70’s (Bronze age)
We accept more in lower grades from the 70s, but for them to have good values they must be in high grade.
Some key books from the 90’s we actively buy:
Hulk 181 (First Wolverine)
X-Men 94

Pre-1970 comics! (Silver and Golden ages)
We love books from this era and are always willing to buy almost any comics in any condition from this era!

All these are estimates, much of what we will pay depends on how long it will take us to sell it. For example if we have a customer actively looking for the book we will pay up 75% of value. Or just a key book that is a proven seller we will pay 60%. But a book that will take us 2 years to find a buyer for we will probably only be interested in for about 25% of value, sometimes less if it a book we are pretty sure will not sell until we have a 50% off sale.

Just as you always hope for top dollar for your books, we always hope you have books worthy of top dollar! We hate bursting bubbles by having to tell people when they don’t have books currently being sought after, but it’s our bubble getting burst too not just the customers! So bring them in and let’s see if we can both be happy!

Things to know when selling books to The DeeP !
The prices we pay are not entirely dependent upon current value! More important is how long it will take us to sell it, and how many we have in stock.
There are many books which are theoretically worth higher prices, but they don’t sell fast. For example Spawn #1 sells consistently for $20.00. But it also consistently sells only one every six months or so. So therefore two copies is a one year supply, 4 copies is 2 years, etc etc. So if we have 6 copies, we know that should we buy another it will be at least 3 years before we sell it, so we cannot pay as much for it.
Many times people will bring in books and the majority of them we determine will go into our Quarter comics section. These are the hardest to buy because we don’t really buy books for the quarter comics on purpose. But when we do we are only willing to pay 2-5 cents per books. And before you think this is unreasonable, after all we sell them for 25 cents each, that’s like a 1000% markup!, ask yourself, would you loan us $100 and we will pay you back $500, but we are going to pay you back a quarter at a time over the next 5 years!

Condition is everything!
Although many books are sold purely for reading purposes, and many people do not take any care of them at all, for us to buy and resell them they must look nice!
Most recent books we have only two grades NM, which is sold at current NM values, and Not NM, which is usually put into a $1 comic section or Quarter boxes depending on the popularity of the title.
For price considerations if a book in NM value is $5, it is hard to sell lower grades for any percentages of that because people look at it as “for only a little more money I can have a perfect one!” and it is not unreasonable, if you think of it, when you go to buy Cereal, do you buy the crushed box in front or set that one aside and buy the nice looking box behind it? Most people buy the nice one, even though this is something they are going to throw away!
This is also why we cannot tell you over the phone how much your comics are worth. We can give you an idea or range, but that is sometimes a very broad range.

Our offers are negotiable! But not really. For Example, We don’t look at a collection, determine its value at $100, gauge its wholesale value at $50 and offer $25 so you can talk us up to $50. We skip all that and offer you $50, sometimes you might be able to talk us up a little but it all depends on what you have, so please don’t get mad if we say $50 and won’t budge from that number.

And don’t forget you’re not just selling your comics you’re selling yourself!

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