Our staff!


Ed (Bubba) Our supreme chancellor!

Born on a drawing of a Battlefield it is said Ed was bred for comic books!
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Lisa! Our Wonder(ful) Woman!

Molded From PlayDoh!
Because clay is not near as much fun.
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Robbie! “The Manager”

Comic Historian By Day, Slayer By Night! Well, Slayer between Podcasts…
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Nathan H. “The Hammer”

The person to call when you need something done! Because he knows who to call that will actually do it!

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Keyera “The Trigger”

Keyera once accidentally shot down a helicopter by pointing at it and saying BANG!
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Lindsey “The Rainbow”

Under Hair color on her drivers license it says “continued on back”
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Tony! “The Arteest”

Tony can draw a straight line even when he can’t walk one!
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Magic Men!

Zack! “The Man With the Golden Bun!”

He doesn’t need special shoes to Tap!
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  • Ryan

  • Craig

    Someone once said “I quit school, cause they have recess and I don’t play” It wasn’t Craig, he went to school, and he does play, any game any time!
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  • Nathan L.


    Behind the Scenes!




    Billy is so good with computers he doesn’t NEED the monitor turned on to program one!


    After his illustrious wiffle ball career it was only natural for Mike to Come work at The DeeP where he continues to astound fans with his plastic bat skills!

    • Tommy

    • Currently on Leave but still Family!

      After escaping from an illegal government science lab He now spends his days protecting Humans from high prices!
    • Matt

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    • Liam


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