Bakugan Open Play!

Come play Bakugan in an open play format! This is a weekly event where players can come together to meet, trade, and play Bakugan in an open and fun environment! Keep an eye out for more big events and fun activities like tournaments with unique prizes!

Bakugan: Age of Aurelus Pre-Release

The first ever Bakugan Prerelease  is here with the Age of Aurelus! This will be a fun new event showcasing some amazing new cards and sets from the new series!

Entry is 40$ and all players will receive a Age of Aurelus starter kit along with packs to edit their decks. Players will only be allowed to use cards and bakugan from the prerelease for this event. Players will then brawl it out to receive special prizes unique to this event alone! It’s a fun new way to play and have fun with Bakugan!

Players can bring BakuCores from their own collection to use in their deck. Each deck must be exactly 40 cards. Players will be allowed to have more than 3 copies of a card in their decks if they pull them from their packs. The Bakugan and core types must still match the bakugan and cores provided in the starter kits.

Each round of swiss will be decided by a best of one game with a 30 min time limit. After swiss will be a cut to a single elimination play offs, where players will have a best of 3 match and a 55 min time limit.

Supplies are limited and are first come first serve!