Primary Melody Sneak Peek

A new side set for Carfight!! Vanguard has appeared supporting the pop idol clan from under the sea Bermuda Triangle! Be the first to check out the newest set with the Primary Melody Sneak Peek! No cards are needed for this event, as players will only use cards from their sneak peek packs to play in the event! Entry is 20$ and supplies are limited. Additional prizing includes exclusive promotional cards, playmats unique to the event, and sneak peak cards! Come out and have fun experiencing this new set before anyone else!

Sneak Preview Cardfight!! Vanguard V-BT03 SP “Miyaji Academy CF Club”

Each player will receive 4 packs and additional prizes will be given out to top players including additional packs and play mats! All for only $20!

VGE-V-BT03 [Miyaji Academy CF Club]

With the increase in number of types of VR, the rate of getting a VR is increased too!!

Random displays will include two VRs instead!

This booster can strengthen the 《Oracle Think Tank》 clan’s Trial Deck Vol.05 “Misaki Tokura” and the 《Narukami》 clan’s Trial Deck Vol.06 “Naoki Ishida”!!

《Nubatama》 decks can be constructed with just this booster!!

“Blaster Blade” will get a special reissue with SP treatment!