YCS Knoxville VIP Qualifier

YCS Knoxville is fast approaching, and we want to give one lucky player the prize of sitting in the VIP section for the entire event. This VIP Qualifier is the perfect way to feel like a pro in the exclusive VIP seating as well as recieve 2 free wins at the start of the event. Your entry to the YCS will also be completely free! A chance of a lifetime is up for grabs, and here’s what it takes.

The tournament will be atier 2 event, Advanced Format-Swiss with a cut to top 8. First place will recieve the VIP treatment at YCS Knoxville, free entry to the YCS, and the Battle City mat! Additional prizing will be available to the other top 4 players of the event! Entry is 12$ Players will need to bring a tournament legal deck, a deck list, and their Cardgame ID. All players will recieve 3 packs of Dark Neostorm on entry.


Each entry gets 5 packs of savage strike and a promo card! Play with cards from the new set before they are released to see all the awesome new cards! The winner will receive a playmat featuring borrel savage dragon plus there will be raffles as well.